Premium Analytics

Cardholder Insights at your Fingertips.

Analytics, Business Intelligence and Dashboards

Imagine having robust and flexible access to all of your card program’s data. ARM’s Analytics Platform provides you with transaction visibility to optimize their business. ARM’s Analytics Platform makes it easy for you to obtain a robust reporting platform with a simple SaaS subscription.

Cardholder Insights

With Premium Analytics, you can visualize cardholder data into easy-to-read graphs to help you and your team get to know who your cardholder is. Spending trends, age demographics, and average amounts spent at merchants help you paint the picture of who is using your card.


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Need a Program More in Depth?

Ad Hoc Reporting

Build any report, at any time. It’s as easy as 1–2–3.
With Dynamic Reports you can customize your data
in order to gain the most knowledge into your cardholders.

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