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160 Million+ Prepaid Card Platform

ARM Insight is the largest Prepaid Debit Card analytics company in the United States. 
Our analytics software transforms the millions of raw transaction data points stored in legacy processor platforms into actionable information. We Know Prepaid.


Unlimited Cardholder Insights

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Premium Analytics


Imagine having complete cardholder visibility across
your card program’s processor data.
With Premium Analytics, ARM Insight gives you the
data you need to make actionable decisions.



Ad Hoc Report Builder


Build any report, at any time. It’s as easy as 1–2–3.
With Dynamic Reports you can customize your data
in order to gain the most knowledge into your cardholders.



Prepaid Rewards & Loyalty


Increase your cardholder life by increasing your cardholder awareness. By offering big ticket sweepstakes, games and more, we can help you go from loyalty to royalty.



Cardholder Insights

Spending trends, age demographics, and average amounts spent at merchants help you paint the picture of who is using your card.


We hold ourselves to high security standards maintaining industry best practices when transmitting, tracking and storing card data.


No request is too small, and no project is too big. From the largest card processors, to the smallest financial institutions, ARM gathers the tools you need to be informed.


We are dedicated to turning archaic processor data into easy-to-read analytics and giving our clients the tools they need to make intelligent choices.

About ARM Insight

We are a provider of business intelligence and compliance services for the Prepaid Card Industry. ARM is a leader in transaction-based analytics and offers robust turn-key Prepaid Management Platform (PMP). ARM’s platform is able to transforms the millions of raw transaction data from legacy processor platform into actionable information, which enables Program Managers to make intelligent business decisions and automate manual operational tasks.

Meet our Team

Meet our trusted board members, who bring a unique perspective to our team and are dedicated to the success of ARM Insight.

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